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The Nectar of Yoga

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This unique collection of teachings details the internal forms of breathbandha and mudra that bring the postural practice alive.

Each workshop offers an abundance of practical advice, lucid instruction and philosophical insight to empower you to unfold the elusive experience of yoga on your own.

If you practice at home, without the direction of an experienced teacher, these teachings will be an indispensable source of guidance and inspiration.

If you are an Ashtanga teacher, or you teach another vinyasa style, these workshops will give you an edge on the more subtle and internal dimensions of the form, allowing you to approach your teaching with new precision and clarity.

Each Workshop Includes:


  • Beautifully crafted video in easily digestible, shorter format 
  • Illuminating written material to provide context and depth on each subject
  • Direct access to an internal forum allowing you to ask Ty questions about the material and connect with members of the community 
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