Six-Week Online Course
$175 USD

Start Practicing Yoga at Home

Join renowned yoga teacher Ty Landrum, and a global community of practitioners, for an uplifting introduction to the brilliant practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.  This is a unique opportunity to receive superb guidance in Ashtanga online.


What you'll learn...

In this course, you will learn to practice the Primary Series (up to Navāsana) with focused alignment, balanced breath and vibrant internal form. The course will move slowly, allowing you to absorb the postures, while grounding yourself in the natural rhythm of the ritual.


With a generous selection of variations, the practices will be accessible to most.  All instruction will be given with lightness and warmth.  Beginners are absolutely welcome to join.

Each week you'll receive...

Guided Practices

Each week you'll receive two 60 min pre-recorded classes to take on your own. Each class builds on the last while introducing new postures and movement patterns, creating a natural practice progression.

Theory & Concept

You'll also receive a weekly 30 min discussion video with practical advice and philosophical background to give depth and context to your practice.

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Recordings of Live Classes

Each recording includes a 60 min - 90 min minute interactive Zoom practice session covering the material of the week, followed by an informative 30 minute Q & A session.


Ty Landrum is the director of the Yoga Workshop in Boulder, Colorado. He teaches Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in the traditional, contemplative and experimental style of his mentors, Mary Taylor and Richard Freeman. With a PhD in Philosophy, Ty has a special touch for explaining the theory of yoga with color and creativity. His passion as a teacher is to share the brilliance of yoga with anyone who wants to learn.


Ty has been an Ashtanga practitioner since 2005. He was introduced to the method by Jennifer Elliott at Ashtanga Yoga Charlottesville, where he practiced for seven years. In 2012, after completing a doctoral degree in Philosophy from the University of Virginia, Ty moved to Boulder to study with Mary Taylor and Richard Freeman. Since then, under their guidance, he has learned some unspeakably wonderful things about the art of yoga. He now travels the world teaching workshops, intensives and retreats.